Established in 1990, THC is a manufacturer and distributor of china and plastic products for the food service industry. We are committed to providing quality products at a reduced cost while also maintaining a high level of customer service, striving to give customers solutions without any complications. Our focus is how to best serve our customers by providing them with quality products at the best available value.

       Utilizing our thermoforming and injection molding capabilities we offer a broad array of plastic goods to aid our customers in the food service business, whether it is a hospital, a nursing home, a restaurant, or a convenience store. We are able to produce disposable plates; cups; tumblers; lids for foam cups, insulated mugs and bowls. We are also able to offer reusable products through our injection molding capabilities such as trays, tumblers, insulated mugs and bowls, and plate covers.

        At THC, we specialize in the institutional market; mainly hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons. We are able to cover the needs of these facilities, whether the facility is employing a conventional meal delivery system (cook serve) or an advanced meal delivery system (conduction or convection). In addition to the items that we produce for meal delivery systems, we also carry several other products to compliment our line such as condiment kits, cutlery, china plates, or tray covers. We are continually in the process of expanding our product lines to better serve the food service industry, but whatever your foodservice needs we look forward to serving you.